How to avoid a CRA audit of your small business

Ask the author | 9.1.2017 | No Comments

A Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit of your small business costs money, takes up your time, and causes a whole lot of stress. Is it possible to avoid a CRA audit? There are no guarantees, but here are some tips that may help keep you off the CRA’s radar screen.

  1. Be aware that there are different types of audits – “An audit is a review of your business’ books and...

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Should I incorporate or operate as a sole proprietor?

Ask the author | 12.10.2011 | No Comments

Question: I am starting up a business. Should I incorporate or operate as a sole proprietor? Answer: Deciding to incorporate or operate as a sole proprietor can have a huge impact on your business and each have their own advantages and disadvantages which you will want to weigh before choosing your business structure. Here are two considerations that should be made before mak...

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Why Hire a Chartered Accountant?

Being a CA | 12.10.2011 | No Comments

Expertise Matters CAs have the depth and breadth of financial expertise. They must complete high levels of education, experience and examination, then maintain their knowledge through ongoing professional development. CAs think strategically, requiring a deep understanding of the complex relationships between business operations, performance measurement, risk management, financing, taxation an...

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